Whale Watch Azores offers people from all walks of life a relaxing whale and dolphin watching holiday that can make a real difference to the environment. We regulary see 6 or 7 different species of cetacean in their natural environment, against the backdrop of Europes western frontier, the beautiful Azores archipelago. Home for the tours is the 42ft motor catamaran “Physeter”, with all food and hotel accommodation included. Best of all is that your tour fee funds our research and you can even help too (optional). Put simply, your money ensures that your holiday of a lifetime can be there for the next generation to enjoy.

Dive into our site and find out about:

the whales and dolphins of the Azores (Cetaceans),

the location, history and stunning scenery of the beautiful Azores Archipelago

the accommodation, our vessel "Physeter", food and itinerary on the tours,

how your tour fee funds our research and what we have achieved so far

our newsletters past and present

the WWA environmental policy for the cetaceans and the Azores

and don't forget to visit the WWA gallery and links page.

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Whale Watch Azores, c/o
Norberto Diver, Marina da Horta,
9900-017 Horta,
Faial, Azores,

Telephone : +351 292293891
or Mobile: +351 962824028


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