The boat

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We go to sea on the amazing catamaran “Physeter”(latin for sperm whale). This highly manoeuvrable vessel carries a maximum of just 12 guests plus 3 crew and is inspected annually by Portuguese authorities. “Physeter” has 4 deck areas from where you get excellent views of the whales and dolphins. It also has a toilet, a cooker for brewing tea and coffee and a fridge for cold drinks. There are ladders for moving between areas. If you have mobility restrictions, contact us. The hulls are specially designed to create a low wash, which disturbs the animals less and offers better fuel consumption, thus reducing pollution. She also has the ability to get to sea areas fast if necessary and her twin hulls provide a stable comfortable platform for good viewing and photography. There is seating in the main cabin if you want to get out of the breeze or the sun, an awning over the top deck and she is fitted with the latest electronic navigation equipment.

Boat: Catamaran
Length: 12 Meters
Motor: 2 HP motors with external control 325X2
Interior: Kitchen, Bathroom and 2 Cabins
No. of people: 12 people